skybellme is a hardware items online retailer run by a team of young, creative and hardware items-obsessed entrepreneurs. We now boast a product portfolio of over 12,000 products , include Door Knobs , Locks , Cabinet Hardware Accessories , Drawer Pulls , Door Hinges , Screws... We are super passionate about what we do and devote our time to providing a unique and personal service to our lovely customers, whilst staying ahead of the trends to bring you the best of hardware items. Over the past few years, we have strived to understand new market trends and what our customer wants, so day to day we work to expand our product range and develop our in-house expertise. 

We believe that everyone should have access to hardware items, no matter where you are in the world or how much you have to spend. That is why we always try and offer the best value throughout our extensive range of products, and why we always have a team on hand to help with those all-important hardware items questions. 

We love a chat and our customer service team are always on hand to help with any enquires. If you need help with anything please contact us for more information.